10 ways to stop Overthinking and improve your life

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Overthinking or anxious thoughts can lead to severe consequences.it badly affects your life and ruin everything slowly. Today, I’m going to share what actually overthinking is and how to stop it.

1. What is overthinking?

Overthinking is the process of creating situations or scenes that might never happen. We just created them out of emotions, fear, anxiety and anger. We just take a situation from our life and start assuming how it will go, what should i do, if this happens or what if not, & so on. One Advice i can give you is: “Be realistic in everything except prayer!” when you overthink, or something disturb you, Ask yourself the question. “If this situation or person really worth it, what it is true, what I am thinking, is this really going to happen or not? Just focus on real-life problems. Don’t assume things by your own You can reduce/ stop overthinking by this:


2. Trust the process:

Stop overthinking & trust life. We are sent on Earth not to enjoy. We had to went through the hardships to learn our lesson & then not making same mistakes again. Failures helps us to grow. Life needs us to teach lessons. Hurdles comes, learn from them. This is not your bad luck. Don’t plan for long time. Be realistic in your planning. Life happens as it have to be, just play your role according to situation. This builds you, so work, not overthink. God is planning something better for you. You have his hack Trust him!

3. Voice your opinion:

Your hands, Your eyes, Your voice, Your thoughts are your servants

When someone passes a compliment on you, and you get offended say it. Nobody is allowed to disrespect you. When you have ability to say not to things, it helps you in making strong boundaries. Life is not about worries or anxious thoughts. Have fun but don’t let others mistreated you. Don’t neglect yourself for others enjoyment. Don’t let your brain filled with these types of thoughts. Just voice it. If this is not possible, start journaling. The main goal is to free your mind. Write your thoughts and figure out the problem and its solution. Always make your mind clear.

4.Accept no one knows you:

Don’t try to impress someone by changing your actual personality. People will judge how you provide or feed their needs. Everyone has different perceptions of you in their minds according to their needs or dealings. So, it’s foolish to act in a way that people will like. Many of them will still dislike you because they have their own standards for judging people. You have to accept that no one in this world knows the real version of you. We adapt according to changes in situations or our emotions.

5. Live in moment:

We have no control on our past or future. So, what’s the point of overthinking. Stop creating fantasies in your mind that feed your unrealistic thoughts or makes you happy. Be realistic and think of present moments that you are living. Find ways to make yourself happy. Problems only get worse when you allow them to get worse by overthinking. Everyone in this world has problems, how we deal those problems- it only creates difference. So, find the solution of problems and stop overthinking about problems.

6. Ask for help:

Humans are the social animals. We are naturally made dependent on each-other. Thinking of, you can conquer the world is false. Ask for help. Don’t be afraid to ask. Do you know how much weight this sentence carries? Can you help me please! Asking for help is symbol of courageous and strong people not of cowards. So, in any situation you are suffering with, discuss it with your friends and ask for help if necessary.

7. Calm yourself:

We mostly overthink when we are tired or at low potential state. So, next time your mind is about to start overthinking just go to bed, take a nap, or do exercise. Meditation or yoga helps in releasing stress. Take time from your daily routine and start exercising. Make it a habit. Go out for a walk, watch sunset, spend time with friends and family helps is releasing stress and reduce overthinking.

8.Courage to be disliked:

Everyone has their own standards to judge. So, it’s not worth it to make yourself sad by overthinking that they don’t like me. Their choices and opinions doesn’t have to define you. You are your version. They judge you by their dealings with you. So, you are not what they are thinking about you. Don’t let their words sadden you. You are capable of doing anything. Just do it. Think big and try to do big.

9. Connect yourself with God:

Ask anything and everything from God. You always have his back. Just believe on it:

Things comes to those, Who comes to God

Just get up and focus on your goals. Don’t let them disturb your mental peace.

10. Don’t try to be perfect:

Nothing in this world is perfect. Everything has its own flaws. Don’t try to be perfect. Build your own version. Never compare yourself with others, You don’t know their story. Don’t try to impress others by changing your actual personality.

You are not Perfect! Accept that…!

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