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Rising senior at the university of COMSATS Islamabad studying Software Engineering with interest in Software development, blogging, photography & art.

_____A bit about me: University student

Hi! My name is Areeba. I’m 18 year old girl who is passionate about her studies and personal growth.. I’m second year university student in COMSATS who is trying to manage her university life with cocurricular activities & hobbies. I’m pursuing a degree in Software Engineering where currently i am learning about different programming languages and software quality managment.

I’m interested in badminton and reading self help books to understand the human behaviors & to interact with them effectively.



You will read about my own journey to self growth and improvement. Being a student, i will definitely talk about study tips and styles. I am bibliophile who love self-help books.


wordPress design

WordPress Design

I have done Digital Marketing course in 2023 in which i learned how to design Websites, edit themes and SEO.


Facebook & Google Ads

In my Digital Marketing course, i also learned how to run Ads on Facebook & Google.

content writing

Content Writing

I am fond of writing about my favorite topics which includes self-growth, skin care and books.