Battling stress: How stress impacts you & how to overcome it

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Stress or anxiety all the time has serious impact on your body and overall health. Results are not instant but continuous exposure to stress can cause various disasters. I am going to show you an example: I was very stressed for a very long period due to some issues. After 4-5 months I started noticing changes in my body like stomach disorder, sleeping sickness, low blood pressure, and overall weakness which causes hindrances in my daily chore. Do you wanna know how I deal with this all?

Let me summarize how I deal with this and how you can deal with this also. I am sharing 11 effective ways to combat stress and improve your overall health.

effective ways to combat stress

How to overcome stress or overthinking

1. Trust creator:

Don’t you trust God’s plan? The creator of the universe. We sit on a bus when we don’t know the driver, we buy things when we don’t know the seller, and we used to attempt things when we don’t know the manufacturer. So, what’s the point of stress or anxiety? God knows well. He has better plans than we think. So, trust him and believe the process.

2. Establish prayer:

 Make your connection strong with God. Let your heart talk out in front of him. When you pray, your heart automatically starts believing him. Also, spiritual activities give peace to your soul.

3. Positive affirmation:

Every morning when you wake up say positive things to yourself such as:

I am in control of my reaction to situations, I am stronger than I think, I can handle every situation, and I am making this difficult only in my mind.

Say this every morning and night and you will see consequences. Because our minds and bodies act in the way we speak to ourselves. So, stay positive about yourself.

overcome stress or anxiety

4. Meditation or workout:

Breathing exercises help to release stress. Try to do some exercise or meditation every morning. It also keeps you focused on your activities and helps in learning. Participate in physical activities of your own choice. It can be any games or cycling or running etc. It also maintains physical health.

5. Journaling:

Always try to write your thoughts. Whenever you feel stressed write down all the causes, required action, and consequences. The basic purpose is to clear your mind and transfer your thoughts from mind to paper. It not only helps you to figure out the solution but helps in releasing stress.

6. Stay away from negativity:

It’s not selfish to love yourself. Set strong social boundaries. Try to stay away from narcissistic and manipulative people because their behavior always triggers you. So, instead of responding to them on their negative behavior, try to stay away from them, and save your energy. Choose people wisely in your life. Because people around you make you and decide your future.

battling stress

7. Forget your past:

Past is the only thing we can’t change. Mostly people live a life of regret. Make mistakes but don’t regret them learn from them. Accept your own mistakes, improve yourself, and move on. You can’t be happy until you let yourself mold according to situations.

8. Accept things you can’t change:

Nothing in this world is perfect. Everything has its strengths and weaknesses. Figure out your strengths.

Accept the fact that nothing wrong with your skin, face, color, and height. God created everything in its best way. Improve your qualities and shine.

9. Focus on work not on sh*t:

Try to keep yourself busy with your work and hobbies. So, you don’t have time to see whose grass is greener than you. Try to make yourself a better person. Focus on yourself. Spend your time and money on improving yourself so you will not regret it later.

10. Always be confident:

Always be confident about yourself. Take care of your body, health, and personality. Choose friends wisely. Because people can inspire you or drain you. Always be ready to learn new things. Expand your knowledge and participate in different activities.

11. Stop comparing yourself with others:

The best advice I can give you is “Never compare yourself with others”. Everything in this world is created in its way. You are beautifully created. Don’t underestimate your abilities.

How to stop overthinking
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Nobody can change your life, its only you. So trust the process, improve yourself and grow. There no easy way and you can’t change everything overnight. Take small steps. Absorb things slowly and be the best version of yourself.

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