Mastering the art of daily routine: importance & benefits

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Are you also wondering why building a daily routine is so important?

As beginners, when we start to take our lives seriously, we add favorable tasks to our day-to-day routine and force ourselves to do them. We continue to do that until motivation runs out or we get tired to maintain consistency. Routines are formed with small, consistent actions over immediate gratification, that eventually lead to progress and build our character.

Having a routine doesn’t means you sit in the same office everyday for the same number of hours. Your routine could be travelling to different country every month. it could be being routinely un-routine. Routine consists of how consistent our subconscious mind is.

Today, I’m here to share with you the importance of daily routine and how our habits eventually leads us to make our character.

mastering art of daily routine

Importance of daily routine

You might be thinking why it is so important to have a routine?

Let me tell you! Brianna Wiest in his book “101 essays that will change the way you think” explains the importance of daily routine as: “The most successful people in history _ many refer to as geniuses and master of their crafts are adhered to rigid routine”.

As we decided to take repetitive actions for our routine, we must be aware of how this will benefit us. Being sincere with our own life can increases our state of happiness by releasing dopamine. It can reduce stress, which eventually leads to better mental health and increase focus.

When we have a routine, then at every morning and night we knows, what we have done and what we will do next morning. It creates a sense of satisfaction. It doesn’t matter what our day-to-day life consist of, the point is that we decide and the stick to it. All of habits in a routine must be included by our conscious mind and followed by our sub-conscious mind.

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Reasons why routine is important?

1. It create your mood

Our routine and habits create our mood through which we see the world around us. Our moods are created by our repeated motion: what we eat, how we think, how much we sleep, and to whom we hang around with. The compound effect of all this makes pattern through which we receive things around us.

2. Satisfaction in Quality

Having a routine doesn’t mean how many tasks you do in a day but how well you do them. Believe on quality of your work not quantity. Real flex is being happy in what you are doing rather than being depressed because of not doing enough.

3. Align your purpose

Our habits and how we spend you days and weeks defines our future. When you design our routine, we actually align our path for our future and ultimately it helps us in finding our purpose in life. When are stick to routine, it gives us a sense of comfort by doing our necessary tasks which are known to us.

4. Gives validation

When we are strictly following our routine, our minds knows that we are doing the necessary and right stuff that gives a sense of validation. Reaffirms our goals and tasks every day helps us in achieving them.

5. Retain your focus

Rigid routines helps you keep focused on your tasks. When you know what you will do after certain task, there are less chances of get distracted by some other things.

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